Freecyling is like Gambling Without Consequences

July 8th, 2007

Today I was going to get a stationary exercise bike. Everything was all set. A woman named Julie said she would be picking one up from her mother-in-law today and that she would contact me about it. I didn’t check my email until 6:30pm. She had already got the bike and tried to contact me to get me to come and get it. Unfortunately, when I called the bike had already been given to someone else. That’s the thing about freecycling. You have to be fast.

I have never ever gotten anything through freecycling, because I’m never fast enough. Whenever I contact people they say that the item is already gone. It’s a great concept if you are looking to get something for nothing, but it’s even better for the one who is trying to give their items away. You can generally expect someone to be by in less than 24 hours to pick up whatever you might have to give away.

I must admit that I was more than a little bummed that I didn’t get the bike I had been waiting for, but at least it didn’t cost me anything anyway.

3 Responses to “Freecyling is like Gambling Without Consequences”

  1. Lisa says:

    I always see pianos for free but don’t have the room for one.

    I realized that a REAL bike makes me feel very old (I’m 29) and stick with my stationary one. Best of all, you can watch videos (laptop, portable DVD player) while cycling and you won’t get run over by aggressive drivers, hehe!

  2. Shawn Dowler says:

    I should add that the main motivation for wanting to start with a stationary bike for exercise is that I watch a lot of movies and TV shows, but I often realize that I’m just sitting on my lazy butt. I like the movies and TV shows, but I would like to be able to burn calories at the same time. Besides, now that I live in Arizona, you can’t really cycle when it’s 118 degrees outside!

  3. name says:

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