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Walking for Pizza… and Other Good Causes

Saturday, April 29th, 2006

Krissy giving a strange look to the camera.  I don't know exactly what this means.Krissy and I participated in a Multiple Sclerosis walk held today in and around Legoland. There were over four thousand people there and it was an excellent fund raiser. The walk took us through the park and we got to see a number of interesting sculptures made out of LEGO® bricks.

When we first got out of the car Krissy saw this mascot for San Diego Gas & Electric walking around and she asked for a picture with him. I didn’t want to do it because there were tons of kids around that wanted to do the same thing and I thought it was too embarrassing taking a picture of a grown woman next to this guy. More on him later.

While walking I was passed up by a member of our ward. Tina and I serve together on the ward activities committee. Krissy had three coworkers from her work there. We all stayed pretty close together for most of the walk. We were among the first 100 people to begin the walk, and when we left almost an hour after we were done there were still people coming in to the finish line.

Papa John’s provided free pizza and chicken nuggets. I think I probably could have gotten away with as much pizza as I wanted, but I just took the one piece. I figured that there was probably a finite supply and there were just so many people there that I didn’t want anyone to go without because of my gluttony.

When we left our legs were tired, and we were ready to go home. We were happy to have done something worthwhile. It was quite a lot of fun, and it was nice to exercise together.

Just as we were heading out to our car Krissy saw the SDG&E mascot again and she begged and pleaded for a picture. I finally conceded, even though it looked like he was on his way to change out of his uncomfortable costume. From then on Krissy was twice as happy as she had been all night.

Click here for snapshots of the event.

Here is the ambiguous mascot for SDG&E.  Looks like a lightbulb with arms and a head added for anthropomorphic effect.