More eBay Follies (GCGN2E)

April 8th, 2006

I was a little uneasy going after this one becasue of the no tresspassing sign at the head of the service road we hiked on to get here, but Krissy charged forth without a second thought, so I followed after. This made for an interesting little hike. There appear to be a number of abandoned cars in the ravine adjacent to the road. they appear to have been shoved in and rolled on their sides or tops. Crazy looking, actually.

Krissy wondering why there's a car in the ravine.

This was the biggest cache I’ve found so far. The reason for the name is that the cache mainainers, kawikaturn, Laa-Laa and Tinky Winky, put their items that they’ve failed at getting others to bid on on eBay into this bucket and request that geocachers take the largest item they might want with them to make more room in the bucket for more junk cool stuff.

Overturned Car in a Ravine

On our way out I saw two men in the distance walking onto the road we were on. I told Krissy that they were probably geocachers. Sure enough, I was right. I didn’t find out until later, but they posted that they had seen what was probably us walking out as they were walking in. That’s the first time I’ve run into other geocachers while I was out.

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