Quitting Smoking, Vegetarianism, and the Baconator

June 23rd, 2007

Wendy's Baconator HamburgerUpdate: We’re not starting for another couple of weeks. More info to come.

Krissy is becoming a vegetarian. Here’s how it happened:

One of Krissy’s coworkers wants to quit smoking. This same coworker is a vegetarian. Krissy wants to help support her friend in quitting smoking, but since Krissy doesn’t smoke, her coworker and she came up with an idea. Krissy promised that she would not eat meat for an entire month if her coworker would abstain from smoking for the same time period. When she came home and told me, she thought I would be excited. I wasn’t.

I don’t want to be a vegetarian, and I don’t like changes. It took me a while to accept the idea, even though she told me that I wouldn’t have to participate with her. I don’t want to buy food for and have to prepare two separate meals every night, so I plan on participating with her in this experiment. But that doesn’t mean that we are easing ourselves into the transition.

For Krissy’s birthday we went to Applebee’s because they always make their steak just how she likes it. Tonight krissy wanted a Wendy’s frosty, and I was going to get a hamburger for dinner. At the drive-thru menu there was a huge advertisement for the newest burger creation: the Baconator! A quarter-pound of beef and six slices of bacon all smothered in cheese were my last hurrah before consigning myself to a month of vegetarian bliss.

Something in me feels like it would be unethical to recommend the Baconator to anyone, because it is so unhealthy. That said, it is one of the best hamburgers I have ever had from a Wendy’s restaurant.

3 Responses to “Quitting Smoking, Vegetarianism, and the Baconator”

  1. Tommy says:

    Good luck buddy! Mwuhahaha! I hear they are doing wonderful things with tofu these days.

  2. Randy says:

    Where’s the beef?

  3. Lisa says:

    Speaking as a vegetarian (started in high school some 11 years ago), I can say it was VERY hard to stop eating meat and I actually WANTED to (love of animals and all that), so I can’t imagine how hard it would be for you if you don’t have that kind of motivation. I did end up getting through it and never EVER wanted to go back to meat (it’s amazing that I ever had a problem trying to stop eating it, lol). I can’t stand tofu, though. I’ve had veggie burgers even my dog wouldn’t eat. :-)

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