General Conference Weekend Thrills: Part 1

October 1st, 2006

Today I got a call during the second session of Conference to go and help Spencer move a piece of furniture into their second-story apartment. Then, order before his wife came to pick me up I got another call from Cliff. His car stereo had eaten a CD and he had to break it further to remove it. He wanted tips for the most cost-effective way to get mp3s into his car. I can’t find it listed on their website, but there was an $80.00 car stereo at the local Target that played mp3s from CDs, SD cards, and USB keys. It also had a 3.5 mm input on the front so any device with a headphone jack could be easily patched into the car audio system.

During the Priesthood Session Pres. Hinckley talked about the importance of men getting an education. This really made me feel better about my current situation.

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