Bartering With Family

September 23rd, 2006

I am a big fan of bartering. I know nothing about cars. I know how to dig dirt, though. My father-in-law is really good with cars but can’t do as much manual labor as he used to. Today Krissy and I went to their place and dig some dirt out of a flowerbed that hadn’t seen the light of day for over forty years and he tuned up our car. It was hard work, but my in-laws do so much for Krissy and me that I’m glad to help out when I can.

Krissy digging in the ditch.

Bill with his new high-powered watergun.

One Response to “Bartering With Family”

  1. Sandra Kingston says:

    Hey. You guys seem to be such a strong connected family! Adorable! I for myself started bartering with my family and friends, too, but than I got so fascinated by it that I tried many online bartering sites. Some like barterquest worked really good! Now I’m a verified trader and complete trades almost every day. Not only that I save a whole lot of money but I also have fun doing that and always get new stuff or even services (like getting a new haircut last week :-). That’s so easy and saves a lot of money.

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