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SeaQuest (GCMM6R)

Tuesday, April 11th, 2006

This was the second cache I ever tried to find. I came here with Krissy just after the sun had dropped over the hill next to where this is located. I was brand new and really had no idea what to look for. I rummaged around for a bit, but eventually had to give up and return home. Not so today!

I’m so glad to finally get this one out of my system. It turns out that no one has been to this cache since I was here almost a month ago. For a 2-wheel drive compact car like ours the “road” is barely navigable. There are large boulders sticking up from the ground. The first time we were here we bottomed out once. We were able to avoid that this time. The cache is marked as easy both in terrain and overall difficulty. I think it might be the case if one were to hike from the beginning of the dirt road, but not if one wants to try and drive up to the cache.

Shawn at the Cache

While we were turning around to leave a man and his dog came out of the house just south of the cache and they just stared at us until we were gone. There is a sign saying that there is no driving on this road allowed without the permission of the owner. Oh well, in any event, this is number 17 for me.