PayPerPost Back in Action

September 20th, 2007

Around October of last year I started using a blog marketing service called PayPerPost to make a little bit of extra money while I was going to school. In about a month’s time I had earned enough for a Nintendo Wii! Then in November life came at me fast and I ended up taking a job in Arizona. The resulting change in circumstances caused me to put my participation on hold. I had intended to come back to using PayPerPost as soon as things settled down. Well, things never really settled down, so I figured: What the hey! I’m excited this time because I’m going to be able to apply the proceeds to my arcade cabinet in progress! PayPerPost is really great. The other users on PayPerPost, called “posties,” have been great in helping me out every time I’ve had a question. It’s a great community and a great way to help you post to your blog more frequently. What’s not to love? I’m excited to see what sorts of new technologies I can find out about early as a result of my involvement with PayPerPost. If you use PayPerPost I’d love to hear about some of the experiences you’ve had with it.

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