LDS Church Punishing Procrastinators

May 26th, 2007

I don’t know who has to approve decisions for scheduled maintenance on the LDS Church Website, but it just went down for scheduled maintenance according to the error page that the site is currently serving. My wife and I are speaking in Church tomorrow, and we are still working on our talks. We know that we should have finished preparing our talks sooner, but this is seriously not a good time for the site to go down for maintenance. I’m thinking maybe a Tuesday morning might be a good time. I would pick Monday, but then you have all the people scrambling to get something together for family home evening lessons that would be out of luck.

I guess it’s time to do our research for our talks the old-fashioned way — use Google.

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  1. Matt C says:


    I noticed your name and blog from By Common Consent. I also noticed that you might have been one of the lucky to get a Words of Joseph Smith in pdf. Are there any circumstances in which you would share with me? It is strictly for personal use.

    Thanks for your consideration!
    Matt C

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