An Angel in a White Pickup Truck

March 17th, 2007

Krissy found a smokin’ clearance deal on some garage counters and cabinets, and couldn’t pass them up. We bought them without considering how me might get them home. After 15 minutes of deliberation, we finally decided we had better just rent a truck and take them home. After all, the trucks were only $20 for 75 minutes and we only live about two miles away from the home improvement store. I went inside to rent the truck, but they needed proof of insurance, which was back at the car. I was a little miffed when I heard Krissy calling my name. She was running up to tell me that someone in a white truck pulled up next to us in the parking lot and offered to truck our stuff home for us.

When we got to our place, we wanted to do something for him, but he wouldn’t let us. He just told us to pass it forward. I don’t even know what his name was. I am really grateful that there are still people out there willing to do things like that for people. Now I really need to be on the lookout for opportunities to help others.

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