Web-based Construction Project Management

October 13th, 2006

Google really seems to understand that it’s very useful to have access to information anywhere. Web-based tools like email, word-processors, and spreadsheets have been released allowing for anyone with access to a web browser to get work done. Enter Procore Technologies. They understand how useful it is to have easily accessible tools for multiple people to collaborate. They make software called SitePro for contractors to plan and keep track of construction projects. It can be deployed on a web server and everyone involved can be given their own account based on their responsibilities and the details about the project that they need to know. Everyone involved can communicate with anyone else involved through the SitePro framework. Everyone will be on the same page and there will be no confusion over what is expected. You can try out the software for free, so if it looks like something you might be able to use give it a shot.

As a computer science student it is interesting to note the shift taking place to software running on servers and being interfaced with through a browser.

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