Ninjas Versus Pirates At Home

October 13th, 2006

At work someone had the great idea that everyone at work dress up like pirates. We were looking at patterns for pirate costumes when I suggested we might be able to get a costume like this put together for less than the price of the pattern and the material. Well, this got me thinking about when I want to be for Halloween. Thinking about pirates reminded me of the age old debate of which would win in a fight with a pirate against a ninja. Ninjas win hands down in my book. I still don’t know about pirate costumes, but ninja costumes are readily available and not a bad price, either. So if Krissy ends up as a pirate and I end up as a ninja then I’ll let you know who would really win in a fight!

One Response to “Ninjas Versus Pirates At Home”

  1. Starlit says:

    If you are interested in pirates, here is a link that you may be interested in. It’s about Jean Lafitte the pirate. He was a pirate during the 18th century in the Gulf of Mexico.

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