Olive Garden and Neverending Pasta Bowls

October 8th, 2006

Olive Garden LogoKrissy and I went out with Kevin and Vicki to take advantage of Olive Garden’s Neverending Pasta Bowls. It’s not a bad deal at $7.95 per person. I was looking forward to it all day, so I made a point not to snack at all after lunch. I still couldn’t finish my first bowl. I think part of it is because they give you soup and bread sticks before the pasta ever comes. On top of that I got two sausages for an extra two dollars. No one at the table finished all of their first bowl of pasta. I figure that their secret must be that no one can eat more than two servings anyway, so we’ll call it “neverending” and people will get all excited about all you can eat pasta. I bet they make a lot of money even though they don’t charge very much. I mean, how much does pasta really cost anyway?

I would do it again, though. It’s good food. I’d rather have neverending soup bowls, though. Their Zuppa Toscana is amazing!

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