No Good Deed…

February 22nd, 2006

Post It NoteMy Uncle just recently moved into a different apartment complex. I won’t say that it’s new, because it’s not. I was helping him by setting up his computer for him and getting him to the point where he can get on “the intarweb.” He told me that I could park anywhere. Furthermore, he told me when we got there which parking space to park in. I was there from around 8:00pm until almost 11:00pm. The computer is really slow and they just moved in so there are boxed and things everywhere. Most of the time spent was trying to find all the components and cables and get them plugged in somewhere. After a long while I was finally able to return home. It had not been a fun experience.

As I was walking out to the car I felt a little uncomfortable, almost as if someone were watching me. When I got to the car I found a Post It note affixed to the driver’s side window which read:

You are parked in my space. Do not park here again or you will be towed.

All I have to say is, “Thank you.” I can only imagine how the rest of the night might have been had I come out to find my car gone. I only wish that I knew which car belonged to the kind soul who spared me the frustration and the $200, because I would have put a post it on their window saying:

Sorry for the inconvenience that I may have caused you by parking in your spot. Thanks for not ruining my day!

Your Friend

2 Responses to “No Good Deed…”

  1. Randy says:

    Nice! even after your uncle said that it was alright to park there. Maybe there is no asigned parking and the guy just likes to park there or something.

  2. Shawn Dowler says:

    If that were the case then why would they threaten to have my car towed? I don’t get it. There were TONS of other parking spaces just five car-widths away. Crazy!

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